Dila Aisyah & TheBoys Brunei's extraordinary musicians have joined up!

Dila is a singer and songwriter who made her debut on Brunei's renowned talent show where she won first place. Since her debut, she has continued to release albums and perform and her fourth single [Rasa Ini Cinta] earned her a Top 5 Female Vocalist at the 2020 Anugerah Pelangi Awards. She continues to release albums and perform as one of Brunei's leading singers.

Aisyah's music career began in Los Angeles, USA. She was the first Bruneian to be recognized for her work in music production for major American film companies such as Walt Disney Pictures, Marvel, and Netflix. In late 2020, he debuted with an EP, [Head in the Clouds] whose second track, was a semifinalist in the 2020 International Songwriters R&B/Hip-Hop category. With their soulful arrangements and immersive storytelling, they have been hailed as the future of Brunei's music scene.

TheBoys is a collective of Brunei's most talented musicians, covering a wide range of genres including traditional Bruneian music, pop, rock, and jazz. Their specialty is collaborations with artists from around the world and extensive experience performing overseas.

Dila, Aisyah, and TheBoys will be join for a special performance at the 2023 Round Festival.