Announcement of the 2nd Lineup

Jan 04/2022

Through the support from ASEAN – Korea Cooperation Fund (AKCF), KBS will host ROUND 2021 which will be held online on 9 January 2022 with the concept of “Hello to New normal”. ROUND 2021 has drawn media attention since its announcement in early December. Media attention towards ROUND 2021 is not only in ASEAN and Korea but also from the famous British music magazine "NME" that shows great interest by publishing ROUND 2021 related articles.

From Korea, the Peppertones, a band that sings youth, Sam Kim, a talented singer-songwriter with unrivaled sensibility, Lucy, a four-member band with unique music colors and refreshing charm, and K-band N.Flying, which creates empathy and trendy band sounds will join the first lineup for the Festival. Aside of the lineup of the performers, the Korea’s leading musician who expanded the spectrum of K-pop, Yoon Sang will be the host of the ROUND 2021.

The festival will also engage the “Global online audience” to watch the live show on 9 January 2022. The music fans from around the world also shows their interest through the messages such as, "I'm looking forward to seeing the high-quality stage of artists from other countries that I've been interested in," and "I want to show that many music fans are always cheering for artists even in the COVID-19 situation." It is expected that ROUND 2021 can strengthen the cultural exchanges and solidarity between ASEAN and Korea with the power of music connecting each other in the Pandemic era. 

More information can be found on the 'ROUND FESTIVAL' Social media and webpage at ROUND 2021 can be watched free of charge on 9 January 2022 through ROUND's official YouTube and KBS K-pop YouTube channels.