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Yang Seung-dong
the CEO
of KBS


Hello, everyone.
My name is Yang Seung-dong, the CEO of KBS.

I am honored to open the first door of the ASEAN Korea Music Festival “Round 2020” with countless music fans in Korea and ASEAN countries.

KBS, Korean Broadcasting System, is Korea's leading broadcasting station. Having created a massive impact around the world through K-pop, KBS would now like to devote itself to the role of promoting various forms of Asian music around the world

KBS planned a new type of performance called “OnTact” (Online-conTact) due to COVID-19 and made an effort for a long time to create a quality performance that will satisfy both performers and the audiences. We believe this new challenge will bring a new sensation to the atrophied art industry.

I would like to give my support to the young musicians in Korea and ASEAN countries that have comforted their audiences through music even during this difficult time, and I’d also like to thank all the music industry officials who are striving to introduce their talented musicians to audiences.

Everyone's wishes have come together, and the first act of the Round 2020 festival will now begin.
Although we cannot be together in one place, we hope that music will connect the hearts of young people in Korea and ASEAN countries and make this music festival successful, where everyone can enjoy themselves and communicate with each other.

Thank you.