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Kim Eui Chul,


I am Kim Eui Chul, CEO of KBS.

I am delighted to host the second ASEAN • Korea Music Festival after the first event despite the difficulties we face due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

As Korea's leading broadcaster and as a major broadcaster in Asia, Korean Broadcasting System has always made an effort to promote not only K-pop but also various Asian music to the world.

<ROUND 2020> which was held in an 'ON-TACT' form due to COVID-19, overcame the limitations of a non-face-to-face performance and created a venue for festivals where the audience could communicate and interact in real-time, taking the first step toward expanding cultural and artistic exchanges among Korea and ASEAN member states.

I would like to cheer for all the young musicians in Korea and ASEAN member states who have continued to comfort the audience through music, and all the members of the music industry who are working hard to introduce talented musicians to the audience despite the difficult time we are going through.

Though we must enjoy <ROUND 2021> separately in each region instead of together in one place, I hope it will be a successful music festival for the youths in Korea and ASEAN member states to communicate through music, and I look forward to the day we can celebrate together.

Thank you.